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Coral Message - The Seafaring Pilgrimage to Save the Coral Reefs of the Caribbean

Xhaugar’s artwork with coral, driftwood, and efficient LED lighting blends the beauty of earth, water, and light, allowing us a moment to reflect on our blue planet and the creatures that support us.

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Coral Message - The Seafaring Pilgrimage to Save the Coral Reefs of the Caribbean

Time & Location

Nov 06, 2019, 6:00 PM – 11:59 PM CST

SUPRA, Av. Álvaro Obregón 139-163, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

About the event


Beyond Coral Foundation presents

The Coral Pilgrimage with Xhaguar

Xhaugar’s artwork with coral, driftwood, and efficient LED lighting blends the beauty of earth, water, and light, allowing us a moment to reflect on our blue planet and the creatures that support us.

Like Greta Thunburg, who sailed to the United Nations on a boat using 0 emissions, Beau Xhaguar will sail to Miami from Mexico and deliver our important message to the international visitors of Art Basel - that our beautiful coral reefs are dying, the fate of our future depends on their survival, we have the power to save them, and we must do so now!

Lift your spirits, float your boat. Embark and sail the seven seas with SUPRA and Beyond Coral! Nautical navigation of the most important voyage, saving our ocean and beyond. Beautiful beats to keep you floating through the ocean & dance floor all night long. 

: : : FEATURING : : : 

Beau Xhaguar / Tulum Coral / Art and Nature / Mother Earth and Father Ocean / Sailboats / and Beyond

: : : BEYOND CORAL : : :

Beyond Coral Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation that started in 2019 as a bold and ambitious project to reconnect our humanity with nature, and to bridge the gap between art and science in order to save our threatened coastlines. 

Our vision is to inspire innovation and collaboration of projects that reconcile human development with natural systems in a sustainable way.

Beyond Coral Foundation (USA) and Beyond Coral México are partner organizations whose ultimate goal is the protection, conservation and restoration of reef systems through strategies that use technology, art, dissemination of science and cultural integration.

Beyond Coral US and Beyond Coral México have joined forces to rebuild our coral using science-based solutions, to grow reef ecosystems that are resilient against the pollution of our planet, and we invite everyone to take part in the solution. We pride ourselves in the diversity of people across geographic, socio-economic and gender boundaries - a group of people from all walks of life, who honor the ancestral wombs of this precious planet, and who are together committed to creating something Bold, Inspiring, and Visionary. Our projects rely on radical collaboration and community support, providing opportunities for education and participation. Find purpose in planting coral. Take part in saving the ocean. These are experiences open to everyone.


Q: What are we doing for the coral reefs?

Using science, we incubate strong, resilient corals to rebuild ecosystems in our ocean. In our laboratory, we train and assist the evolution of coral to be strong against the rising temperatures. We do this by mimicking the future conditions of the ocean in a lab, thus training our coral to survive. In a coral nursery, we can grow coral 50x the natural rate, creating coral the size (and strength) of a 25-year old in only 6 months!

Our projects are based on proven methods and experiences from NASA, MIT, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Australian Institute of Marine Science. We rely on science-based solutions, radical collaboration and community support. We provide opportunities for education and participation. We curate experiences open to everyone.

If we dream big, we can make the impossible possible.

Q: How can I participate?

An important part of our mission is to help each other reconnect with nature. Everyone can participate in helping restore the planet. Our project is to build a coral nursery and laboratory in Quintana Roo, Mexico wherein global visitors may join us in planting coral onto the reef.

Q: How will we know we are saving the reef, and not damaging it further?

We create projects that can be evaluated and accountable to the following objectives:

- Contribute to the conservation, preservation, restoration and custody of the reef and its interconnected systems.

- Create scalable, replicable and sustainable solutions that use art, storytelling and genius to spread love.

- Promote awareness and develop facilities that inspire hope in the face of our climatic emergency.

In collaboration with

: : : M.O.M. Movimiento Orgánico México : : :

M.O.M. Movimiento Orgánico México, es una organización sin fines de lucro creada para llevar a cabo una agenda amplia y multidisciplinaria, enfocada en enfrentar la crisis socio y medioambiental en la que ahora se encuentra el planeta entero. 

M.O.M. ha tenido acceso a información, conocimientos, técnicas, colectivos e individuos de relevancia, a partir de los cuales plantea una agenda multifacética, con la que será potencialmente posible resolver e incluso revertir varios de los graves problemas que ponen en jaque la continuidad de la vida.

Sabemos que la acción humana es responsable de esta situación y tenemos información y capacidades que nos permiten entender estos problemas desde aristas estratégicas. Desde esta perspectiva, hemos encontrado maneras en la que el mismo ser humano repare, alivie los daños y heridas que ha causado a la tierra y a la vida. 

Nuestra misión es recuperar el agua, la tierra, el mar, la vida de los animales no humanos y de las plantas e incluso pensamos que esto nos ayudará a recuperar humanidad. 

M.O.M. es una organización en crecimiento que recibe ayuda y colaboración y que se articula con otros esfuerzos alineados con ese anhelo conjunto: la vida en la tierra. 

En Movimiento Orgánico México, nos enorgullece y llena de esperanza nuestra asociación estratégica con ‘Beyond Coral’.

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